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Privacy Settings

We often get asked by candidates how is it that they are contacted by recruitment agencies who have seen their CV,  when they haven't even registered or been in contact with these companies.

This is something that can happen when registering with an online job board or applying for a job on the internet.  It is to do with the privacy settings on the registration page and unless you untick the relevant privacy box in the contact preferences section, see example below, recruiters will be able to openly search through your CV and contact you about jobs.



It has been brought to our attention that CVs have been downloaded from these type of job search websites and sent to clients without the candidate's knowledge or permission to do so.  In one case a candidate's CV was sent to their own employer!

So if you are registering your CV online or applying for a job on the internet, it is essential that you read the terms and conditions and review the privacy settings in order to keep the contents of  your CV and contact details private. 

At Lloyd Barnes we will always notify you of our intention to put you forward for a position and will never send your CV to any client without your permission.